glib in kdesupport: yes or no?

Navindra Umanee navindra at
Wed Mar 12 00:31:03 GMT 2003

Havoc Pennington <hp at> wrote:
> > You *did* choose sides.  GNOME is the Red Hat default, and that's
> > *fine*.
> Well I hope it's fine - we kind of have to choose a default. ;-) 
> And no other distribution or OS takes flak for doing so.

Maybe because they choose KDE.  :-)

Out of curiosity, do you install the Qt/KDE libs on a default Red Hat?

> That's not what I mean by choosing sides though. Choosing sides would
> be a much more proactive kind of thing; making one of the desktops "as
> is"/"unsupported" or removing it entirely.

Well, given the number of Red Hat installations that have deployed
KDE, I don't think the latter (removing) would be a good idea.  And of
course, Red Hat Europe would probably flounder even more if they
couldn't claim to support KDE.

As far as I know KDE only became "supported" in 7.3 and it was pretty
much "as is" up to and including 7.3.  On the other hand, what you're
doing right now is probably a good way to wean people away from KDE...
although that may not be your intention.

> If we think OpenOffice, Mozilla, and Evolution are the best *current*
> choices for apps, then users should be offered those by default. Other
> people and distributions including some based on KDE have made the
> same choices, so it's certainly a defensible argument. OpenOffice is
> bloated, yes. However, the functionality it offers outweighs that.

All 3 are bloated.  :-) 

The default KDE user still has to load and keep around both desktop
environments from almost the start.  Does this not detract from the
desktop experience?

> We do spend significant time fixing KDE bugs and working on KDE in
> general. 


> However, 8.0 got much more positive feedback than 7.3 on the whole,
> and lots of the positive comments are from people using KDE.

I also saw a Red Hat bug report which essentially said "ignore all
complaints or bug reports on this from KDE users"...  but I am glad to
hear from you that it is not all bad.

> You guys are assuming that KDE comes off badly in 8.0, but the
> information I've seen doesn't support that conclusion at all.

Almost all public reviews I've read invariably mention that KDE (if
noticed at all) in Red Hat 8.0 is "depressing" or that its "beauty has
been removed".  Otherwise they do indeed have a lot of praise for

Thanks for your time.


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