Replace KcmFontinst with kio_fonts

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Tue Mar 11 20:59:52 GMT 2003

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On Tuesday 11 March 2003 21:46, Craig Drummond wrote:
> On Tuesday 11 Mar 2003 20:37, Andras Mantia wrote:
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> > On 2003. March 11., Tuesday 22:21, Craig Drummond wrote:
> > > The KControl module tries to also configure Ghostscript
> > > and StarOffice - but I don't think this is neccessary, and just adds
> > > bloat (please see my original email).
> >
> > For some of us, it's still important. I have documents that I can open only
> > in StarOffice, but not in OpenOffice. :-( Newer OpenOffices may help, but
> > it's too big piece of software to update it regullary. I would say that the
> > new kio fonts based font install should replace the kcm module, only if it
> > provides all the functionality that was present in the old one. BTW, can it
> > do the trick with Disable/Enable the fonts (and thus recreating the needed
> Not really. to "enable"/"disable" fonts you'd have to make them "hidden" - 
> i.e. named (e.g.) .times.ttf    I suppose this could be done using the 
> "special" command for ioslaves - but I'm not sure how to do this.

A servicemenu for .ttf files with "enable/disable" would be more appropriate UI
anyway (and it can call a binary that does it, no real need for a KIO special action
there, although you might want to implement it as such if you want all the 
code in the ioslave). 

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