Replace KcmFontinst with kio_fonts

Craig Drummond Craig.Drummond at
Tue Mar 11 20:28:04 GMT 2003

> > All versions of Windows since 95, Mac OS, and Gnome all do this the same
> > way. Why should KDE be different, just "for the sake of being
> > different"? Not a good plan.
> Oh, so just forget about what KDE users are familiar with, then?
> Whatever.  Go copy Windows.  I recommend you start by licensing kio font to
> prohibit modification and redistribution.  That's what the Windows users
> you care so much about are used to.

Do you always argue for the sake of argument? Sorry for getting personal, but 
I've read lots of your emails and you just seem to always take an opposing 
viewpoint - and never really explain why.

I'm not saying kio_fonts is the best way - which is why the original email 
asked if I should continue in this vein. Whay not be more constructive? The 
existing KControl module - which I wrote - is very limited in its 
file-management stuff. Adding more and more of this int the KControl version 
is silly - when Konqueror already provides this.

Also saying "what KDE users are familiar with" is a bit rich - at least RedHat 
and Mandrake don't install Kfontinst by default. 

However, if the orverall opition is that the Kcontrol module is better - then 
fair enough I'll leave as is. But *I* think that kio_fonts is a *far* more 
intuitive and *simpler* way to deal with font *files*. I personally think the 
best way is to have some sort of button on the "fonts" module to launch 
konqeror at fonts:/

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