Replace KcmFontinst with kio_fonts

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Tue Mar 11 19:24:52 GMT 2003

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On Tuesday 11 March 2003 20:01, David Faure wrote:
> Once again, this would be "in addition to", not "as a replacement to", the kcm.

Hmm, this isn't what the subject of the thread says...
But if you (Craig) really suggest to remove all of kfontinst, how will the current 
features of kfontinst remain? (the settings etc.)

Personally I'd like a kcontrol module to remain, so that it can also do things
like "importing all fonts from Windows", like e.g. the mandrake control center
can do (which means: having some search paths to find out those fonts without
the user having to do it, and then importing all of them at once).
Only the "adding one font", "deleting one font" etc. stuff would be done with
a fonts:/ konqueror window.

PS: I'm no experienced user of kfontinst at all. I just started it and was
very surprised not to see it list all the fonts that are currently available
on the system.
It lists no font at all, only 3 empty folders "override", "TrueType", "Type1".
I hope kio_fonts will always list all the available fonts :)
(parsing XftConfig to get the paths, if necessary?)

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