Replace KcmFontinst with kio_fonts

Craig Drummond Craig.Drummond at
Tue Mar 11 17:52:20 GMT 2003

> > > the expense of hiding the font installation so that nobody can
> > > find it anymore.
> >
> > Why would no one be able to find it? Just make the Fonts KCM embed a
> > Konq browser showing the contents of fonts://
> >
> > > There's a limit to what should be implemented as a KIOSlave and this
> is
> > > waaay beyond it...
> >
> > I disagree, this is the way both Windows and Mac install and manage
> fonts
> > (drag them into a folder, delete them from the folder), and it is very
> > intuitive and simple for the average person to do, as well as what they
> a
> re
> > used to. Users should not have to worry about TrueType vs. Type1, or
> have
> > to go through an install wizard, or other such nonsense.
> Yes and on both windows and maacs a) you have access  to install to the
> fol
> der 
> b) you cannot effecttively preview the fonts 

Why not? The tooltips show previews, you can turn on the thumbnails, and the
archive has a simple font-view that embeds in konqueror.

> and c) there is no clean way
> t
> o 
> generate complex config files that kfontinstaller uses now.

Yes there is - and it does create the config files. I listed the things that
KcmFontinst does that kio_fonts would not do. The only real major issue was
with Ghostscript's Fontmap - but this can be added in, it's just that I
thought it was useless to do so.

> This is an instance where blindly ripping off a UI may not be to our 
> advantage.

It's a much easier and more-intuitive way.

> Also an IO slave is very much not a sane approach to do this at all... If

I disagree.  And I think a lot of users would do to.  Another approach could
be to add an entry to konqueror's popup menu to add the option"Install"
which would then just copy to fonts:/

> t
> his 
> is something that is thought worth while maby it should exist in
> kdenonbeta
> for a while, at least until its proven not to be a bad idea.
> Just my 2c though...  
> - -ian reinhart geiser


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