remote execution via SSH (fish protocol maybe)

Willy De la Court Willy.DelaCourt at
Tue Mar 11 11:36:49 GMT 2003

Hi all,

Wat is the best way to execute commands remotely via SSH from within a KDE 

I was thinking of extending the fish protocol to allow remote execution. This 
would not interfere with the normal usage in konqueror but i'v not looked 
into it yet.

Are there other better ways i want to avoid code duplication, but for the 
moment i could not find a library or small program that i can link with.

This wil be one of the key components of remote DHCPD configuration and later 
remote BIND configuration so that it will be possible to STOP/START/RELOAD 
the services after configuration changes.

Simple things make people happy.
Willy De la Court

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