patch for double clicking to bring up key-capture dialog

Alexander Kellett lypanov at
Tue Mar 11 09:36:52 GMT 2003

hiya Zac,

On Mon, Mar 10, 2003 at 11:47:37PM -0500, Zac Hansen wrote:
> This patch makes it so when the keyboard shortcut dialog comes up, you can 
> double click the command to bring up the key-capture dialog.  Right now 
> you have to select it, then click the button at the bottom.

Nice idea. Patch looks good, though its not my code so I shouldn't comment really :)

> I also plan at looking at letting a shortcut steal a sequence from another 
> command.  I'm not sure how hard this would be, but I was planning to add 
> an option to the dialog that currently informs you that your shortcut is 
> already in use to "steal" the shortcut from the other command.  If anyone 
> has any feedback about this feature, please let me know.

Just FYI, I would just love this "steal"'ing feature!.


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