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Mon Mar 10 23:37:45 GMT 2003

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> That module is getting in kde for 3.2 correct?
> > > Project 2: User Account Control Center Module
> > >

Well, bug 52535 turned out to be a Metacity bug leaving me some free time, and 
I have looked through the userinfo code, and it is quite straightforward. The 
code does the following:
  1. Provides an interface to chfn (to change real name)
  2. Provides a face chooser module

  1. Duplicates some code from kdeutils/kdepasswd
  2. Primitive interface to the chfn program
  3. Depends on kdeutils/kdepasswd to change the password

  1. kdeutils/kdepasswd and belong together, as they manipulate conceptually 
similar information. I propose merging them (very simple to do, and I 
volunteer) into one KControl module to go into kdebase.
  2. The interface via chfn is a bit of a problem. Any reasonably sized 
organization uses NIS (or something similar) to manage user information 
across the network. To be useful in such instances while using the approach 
from kdepasswd, we need to be able to handle NIS, and use ypchfn or yppasswd 
when appropriate. To implement this, I need to know whether a given user's 
information comes from NIS. How do I do that? My current (yucky) heuristic is 
to monitor the stderr of chfn and grep for ypchfn - probably not portable. 
Note that kdepasswd has been useful to lots of people without all this.

Given that these issues can be resolved, can I do the following?
  1. Merge userinfo and kdepasswd
  2. Add merged code into kdebase/kcontrol/userinfo

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