glib in kdesupport: yes or no?

Maksim Orlovich mo002j at
Mon Mar 10 22:34:55 GMT 2003

> Nothing I've proposed would keep anyone from choosing to use a set of
> apps that are based on a single platform. Interoperability isn't
> mutually exclusive with that, at all.

What I meant is that there is an upper bound for how useful all this stuff
you're suggesting is. It'll never be the real thing.

> If we have several MIME systems that are all doing pretty much the
> same thing, and unify those, it doesn't hurt anyone that's using only
> one of them.

Actually, it does.  The moment, say a Konqueror contributor is spending
his time (which he is of course free to do in whichever manner he
pleases) ensuring that a Galeon user has to invest a bit less effort configuring
the app to use his settings, instead of improving Konqueror/fixing
Konqueror bugs the people who use Konqueror all loose.

Nothing is without a price.
And, I don't know about you, but I'd never put users of someone else's app
above those of mine. I feel I have an obligation toward people who use
my software to keep it doing what it should. And putting someone else
above those users seems to me like a betrayal of faith. 
I keep my loyalty.

P.S. apologies for not using gender-neutral terms, but it just gets hard
to read.

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