glib in kdesupport: yes or no?

Adam Treat manyoso at
Mon Mar 10 15:56:46 GMT 2003

--- Alexander Kellett <lypanov at> wrote:
> you seriously believe that gnome could use c++/qt as its
> base?, sure, if a subset of qt was released by trolltech
> then maybe this would be possible. but currently its
> just completely unreasonable.

I really fail to see why it is unreasonable.  I don't see any technical reasons given why this
would be unreasonable.  Is Qt not good enough?  Does it lack in something that we are all missing?
 The only reasons I can think of are entirely political.  I don't care much for these reasons at
all as they are inconsistent and are standing in the way of the integration that many are
clamoring for.


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