glib in kdesupport: yes or no?

Antonio Larrosa Jiménez larrosa at
Mon Mar 10 11:10:52 GMT 2003

El Lunes, 10 de Marzo de 2003 07:29, Maks Orlovich escribió:
> The easiest path, of course, is to just use DCOP. And please don't tell
> me "it requires Qt". If you can't re-implement QDataStream's
> marshalling, I dare say you shouldn't be coding.

Wasn't there a dcopc binding somewhere in kdesdk or kdebindings to use dcop 
from C applications without linking to Qt?
What's the reason of reimplementing dcop instead of using/improving/working 
on that library? I suppose there's a reason if it was Matthias idea, but I 
don't see it.


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