glib in kdesupport: yes or no?

Navindra Umanee navindra at
Mon Mar 10 05:38:30 GMT 2003

George Staikos <staikos at> wrote:
>    5) Wrappers.  In the end, someone will be using wrappers.  I
> object to having to obsolete existing and working C++ code to use C
> code simply because that's the lowest common denominator.  KDE is
> fundamentally a C++ desktop and as such we want to use the power of
> C++.  Compiling C code with a C++ compiler just gives us the
> inefficiencies of the C++ compiler of the day, with the loss of
> power that was available.  Are the other desktops prepared to accept
> C++ as a core requirement, and use C wrappers to the C++ code?  Or
> is KDE to be the one to bear the burden of wrapping C code with C++
> to fit the development model?  Will we even have to use C# backend
> code at some point?

You didn't mention this possibility, but you can pretty much can get
around the wrapper problem by implementing in C++ and exporting a C
interface...  I think that could work in theory and apparently GNOME
already has a C++ dependency through libfam.


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