glib in kdesupport: yes or no?

George Staikos staikos at
Sun Mar 9 18:53:44 GMT 2003

On Sunday 09 March 2003 13:30, Waldo Bastian wrote:
> >   You seem to be missing one point though.  wv2 is optional, arts is not.
> I am not missing that point. wv2 is an optional component where glib
> happens to be used because it makes the most sense. I think there will be
> more places in KDE where a similar decision will make sense and that aren't
> necaserally optional. I think that a "must use C++" blanket policy for
> implementations is unnecessary limiting.

   A developer can use whatever he likes, but he must not break other code 
because he chooses to use some new library.  If someone wants to link in 
libraries X,Y,Z, that's totally fine, as long as the code gets disabled in 
the compilation if X,Y,Z are not present.

   In the past we have gone to great lengths to make new libraries optional.  
I see no reason to change this now.

> > If we have to depend on more libraries for arts, I think arts should be
> > made optional too.
> I don't have a strong opinion about arts in particular and I wouldn't mind
> if it were replaced with another solution for those applications that don't
> require arts explicitly.

   The problem is right now you can't build even kdelibs without arts.  Now 
glib will become a dependency for building everything.  I don't see this as 
an acceptable course of action.  


George Staikos

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