konqueror HEAD doesn't link :/

Christoph Cullmann crossfire at babylon2k.de
Sun Mar 9 17:09:20 GMT 2003

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On Sunday 09 March 2003 17:16, Simon Hausmann wrote:
> Could it be that you compiled against qt-copy headers but link
> against a non-qt-copy libqt?
You were right, seems my apt-get has installed qt3 and it was used in some 
places as qt lib for kde :/
Now that I have deinstalled it, many other parts of my kdebase won't compile 
as they wanted to link against that qt lib, but in the first build they have 
used my qt-copy :// Is our build system a bit borked ?

I used to configure my kdepackages like:

./configure --prefix=/opt/kde --with-qt-dir=/opt/qt .....

(with some additional stuff, but nothing interesting)

Under /opt/qt my qt-copy is installed and it works just well on the first 
build that all libs and all apps beside konqueror and kalarm used the qt-copy 
lib in /opt/qt/lib, but now, as I removed the other installed qt3 lib in /usr 
I can't recompile for example kate, which links here against the qt-copy lib 

That causes my new question: Why doesn't my configure switch say WHICH qt 
should be used ? (my $QTDIR is set to /opt/qt, too) I mean as I have run my 
first build, it used my qt-copy libs in most places, but not in konqueror, 
and now after removing the other lib it complains it finds no qt lib :/// Why 

cu & thx

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