About 3.2

Stephan Binner binner at kde.org
Sat Mar 8 10:03:42 GMT 2003

On Friday 07 March 2003 22:33, Stephan Kulow wrote:

> > Then please support this by sending a mail to every bugs.kde.org account
> > who has open bug reports older than 2 months after every x.x.1 release
> > asking to update and either resolve his bug reports or comment that they
> > still apply.
> I hate these spam mails. Do you really prefer them?

Why would you classify them as spam mail? Users entered their email address 
and bug reports because they want us to fix them. If we need their help for 
this why shouldn't we be allowed to ask them for it?

This is only about 1 to 2 mails per year (equal to the count of x.x.1 releases 
per year). Would you prefer to receive a mail for every "Does this still 
apply to KDE 3.1?" comment added for _each_ bug report you filed?  :-)

Ok, let us mail this only to the people whose bugzilla setting is "I want to 
receive mail when I'm reporter of a bug to which new comments are added"
(default) and describe in the mail how they can opt-out future mails.


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