glib dependancy in KDE3.x

Stefan Westerfeld stefan at
Fri Mar 7 18:00:05 GMT 2003


On Fri, Mar 07, 2003 at 06:46:22PM +0100, Guillaume Laurent wrote:
> I don't really care. Ressources-wise, glib is a rounding error on most current 
> machines. Avoiding to duplicate it is certainly a good thing. However, using 
> it because "some things must be implemented in C", is not a good reason.

As I said: any C application is a C++ application already. Its just not
using all features of the language, and in some cases it might be wise to
restrict oneself not to using all features of the language (due to various

> I've been told that arts is in C so that Gnome can use it. It then makes sense 
> to use glib. If it's in C for any other reason, then it should be moved to 
> C++/Qt.

Its not in C, aRts is C++ and will stay C++. Its just that for those very basic
parts of aRts for which GNOME has solutions already that are better than the
current aRts solution (glib), I will use those, as aRts is equally targetting
KDE and GNOME and all other free software, and not only KDE.

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