glib dependancy in KDE3.x

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Fri Mar 7 15:06:24 GMT 2003

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On Friday March 07, 2003 06:58, Owen Taylor wrote:
>  And of course, GLib is pretty widely used, so it's not
>  unlikely the user will already have it.

That doesn't mitigate that it's a new dependency, and...

> How big is GLib?
>  I've seen people here use the word "tiny" to refer to GLib.
>  To avoid unpleasant surprises ... no it isn't tiny. Compiled
>  libglib is ~400k and libgobject (if used) about ~200k more.
>  But if you aren't using, say, the Unicode normalization tables,
>  they should stay on disk.

... now we're told glib is large.  This is not encouraging at all.

>  (And if there is another program already running using GLib,
>  then any GLib overhead is shared.)

aRts would be the first to use glib, and the use of aRts by knotify and 
konqueror would assure that every KDE user was having to load glib on KDE 

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