KSplash/ML donation?

Brian Ledbetter brian at shadowcom.net
Fri Mar 7 04:36:49 GMT 2003

Hello to all of the KDE core developers!  Some of you may remember
my project, KSplash/ML, from www.kde-look.org.  As you may know,
the last posted update for that software was quite some time ago,
and while I have been able to fix some minor problems since that
release, I have not had the time or energy to put into finishing
up the 1.0 release.  Rather than having the project laid to waste,
I would like to donate the entire codebase to the KDE project, to
(if it is found worthy) be made a part of the KDE core.  Would 
anyone on the list be interested in doing something like this,
potentially as a "next-generation" version of the original ksplash
utility (with the new improvements in the ksplash codebase being
merged into the Classic KSplash/ML module)?  The original source
code is BSD-licensed, so it could easily be wrapped up under the 
GPL license that the rest of the codebase falls under, provided 
the original copyright is preserved somewhere in the codebase.

I look forward to hearing your replies.  Thank you so much for 
providing me with 6 years of wonderful desktop experience on my
FreeBSD desktops!  I absolutely cannot imagine life without KDE,
and look forward to KDE and Qt becoming a much bigger part of the
software development industry in the future!

My regards to all of you, those who really do make it happen!

Brian Ledbetter <brian at shadowcom.net>

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