glib dependancy in KDE3.x

George Staikos staikos at
Thu Mar 6 18:50:37 GMT 2003

On Thursday 06 March 2003 11:56, Philippe Fremy wrote:

> I think that for the projects where it makes sense, glib dependency should
> be accepted. It is a pity to waste developer's time developing something
> that exists elsewhere in better and maintained quality.
> What are the projects for which it makes sense ? Sofar, we've seen two
> cases:
> - a KDE project wants to talk to a gnome project. This is the case for
> arts/gstreamer and kde-accessibility/at-spi.

  So what you're telling me is that gnome developers don't understand Qt or 
C++, so KDE developers have to write code that uses both KDE and Gnome 
libraries if we ever want interoperability?  That sounds like 
passing-the-bloat to me.  IMHO this is a candidate for sourceforge as an 


George Staikos

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