RFC on Makefile.am fixes for (non-portable) linking against libtool modules in KDE

Benjamin Reed ranger at befunk.com
Thu Mar 6 14:07:19 GMT 2003

David Leimbach wrote:
> I see what the barrier is now... I know enough perl to give myself a 
> sufficient headache.
> Unless you can do it before me I can take a look at this stuff you've 
> got and the existing
> system and try to make the world a happy place.
> That might not be for a couple weeks though since I have tons of work 
> and travel next week.

Yeah, I started looking into it a bit last night and I think it will 
basically be impossible (or impractical) to implement in am_edit. 
am_edit edit's the .in files (strangely enough), and by the time you 
have those it's too late.  We would have to reimplement automake to do 
it in the am_edit pass.

Which, I guess, leaves implementing it as automake macros (or having 
Makefile.am.in!  ugh.)

I'm going to try to find some docs on adding keywords to automake (if 
it's even possible) and then I guess we'll go from there.

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