glib dependancy in KDE3.x

Stephan Kulow coolo at
Thu Mar 6 10:12:42 GMT 2003

Am Thursday 06 March 2003 10:36 schrieb Rob Kaper:
> On Thursday March 6 2003 10:24 am, Alexander Kellett wrote:
> > i'm 100% for the addition of glibc therefore.
> glibc != glib, though. ;-)
> I am against using glib in KDE. We could've used Gecko, too, when it was ten
> times better than kfm. If you can't do anything useful in C without glib,
> perhaps C is not what arts should use?
You can hardly compare glib usage with gecko usage seriously. glib is a very
thing layer on top of what C offers. 

I have nothing against requiring glib actually. When I see the tons of duplicated
stuff in the arts module it shudders me. 

If KDE is about practical solutions prefered over political solutions, then requiring
glib is the correct thing. Please look into what glib provides before you make your

Greetings, Stephan

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