About 3.2

Stephan Kulow coolo at kde.org
Thu Mar 6 09:51:47 GMT 2003


I'd like to have your attention for this graph:

And that's only the number of confirmed bugs, the number of unconfirmed ones
is even bigger and gives even more impressing graphs.

Please don't start to think about bug reports when the feature freeze for 3.2 starts.
Currently you have a chance to have the bugs reproduced and fixed within your 
production system or close them right away _for two releases_ in one go.

BTW: if you wondered why I haven't yet started to write schedules for 3.2 - I will
start to think about releasing 3.2 when the bug graph stagnates on a low level.
When 3.1 was released with 2300 confirmed bugs, how does 1000 for 3.2 sound
to you?

This weekend the formula one season starts. How about we start our bug race 
season this weekend too? And I want to see it even more exciting than the
ferrari celebration sport! Currently you can get in the top 15 with as few as
5 closed bug reports. Close your 5 bugs _today_.

Just two little reminders: 
  * you can subscribe to kde-bugs-dist at kde.org if you want
     to help with first level support - here you see all incoming bugs, so you can 
     close the invalid ones, the report questions or the duplicates right away. This helps 
     a lot in keeping the database clean while the usual developers miss the time (and it 
     has less volume than kde-cvs :)
  * the irc channel #kde-devel on irc.kde.org is there for your questions how to fix
     a bug best or to offer your help in testing patches. Don't hestitate to join, but
     stay on topic.

Thanks, Stephan

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