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Wed Mar 5 16:18:56 GMT 2003

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On Wednesday 05 March 2003 12:08 pm, Andras Mantia wrote:
> On 2003. March 05., Wednesday 17:40, Tobias Koenig wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > in KDE_3_1_BRANCH and CVS HEAD it seems that filtering in the
> > KFileDialog doesn't work correctly. My checkout is 1 week old, so
> > maybe it's already fixed, but I can reproduce the following:
> >
> >  - use a KFileDialog with a filter (e.g. "*.cvs" )
> >  - open the dialog the first time => only files, that matches the filter
> >    are shown
> >  - close the dialog, open it again, change in other directories...
> > suddenly also files, that doesn't match the filter appear in the
> > dialog...
> >
> > Could somebody else reproduce it in CVS HEAD or the 3_1_BRANCH?
>  I cannot reproduce it, but I see another bug in the KFileDialog.  My
> system is set to use Single Clicks, but if the listing KFileDialog is set
> to "Short View", I need to double-click for entering a dir. With "Detailed
> View" is ok. I have kdelibs from yesterday.

I knew something was odd about CVS today :)
Yeah it seems that the dialog no longer honours KDE single click.  This should 
get fixed because if it confused me, its going to cause my wife to want to 
kill...  dont make me give her the cvsblame ;)

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