Fwd: [PATCH] MacOSX fixes for admin/

Michael Matz matz at kde.org
Tue Mar 4 15:36:48 GMT 2003


On Mon, 3 Mar 2003, Christopher Molnar wrote:

> Can someone please test and commit the attached patch for Benjamin? It
> was posted to kde-devel a few days back.

/me no time testing them, but reviewing can be done, so:

> > - change -pedantic-errors to -pedantic in the get* checks (see earlier
> >   thread "problem with -pedantic-errors in KDE_CHECK_FUNC_EXT")

This is not OK (although I haven't read the thread).  Some warning are not
detected as such, if the return value of the compiler is zero.  This can
be fixed only with the compiler having a non-zero exit value, which means,
it has to convert the warnings to errors.  If you had issues with some
functions the test should be fixed somehow, instead of turning off the

> > - fix a non-macosx-related "kdelibstuff" misspelling in the SSL checks;

Wrong.  This isn't misspelled.  suff stands for suffix in this case and is
either "64" or "".  The test for when to set this suffix to "64" doesn't
work on all systems.  I have repeatedly talked about the fix, but neither
me not anybody else came around implementing it.

> > - false is in /usr/bin on darwin -- is there any reason not to assume
> >   it's in the path?

I guess this would be OK.

> > The other thing this does not include that is necessary to make KDE
> > apps (in general) build on MacOSX is that libtool needs updates.
> > Previously I'd been sitting on my admin patches because you guys
> > (understandably) need things to be submitted upstream to libtool CVS
> > before they're accepted into the KDE admin directory.

Hrm.  I was supposed to update our libtool ...


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