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On Saturday March 01, 2003 08:15, Charles Samuels wrote:
> On Saturday 01 March 2003 3:04, Scott Wheeler wrote:
> > Then, when I started the port to KDE 3 (from pure Qt 2) there was
> > constant discussion on the lists and IRC about the plugin API in
> > Noatun changing and breaking the plugins, and you not fixing the
> > plugins, but just disabling them from compilation.  (I remember
> > discussions specifically with you, Rik and Neil.)  A year later I
> > don't think all of the issues around those plugins have been resolved
> > and they're still not used.  This was and is hardly encouraging for a
> > would be Notuan plugin developer.  Surely you can understand this
> > being somewhat discouraging.
> I felt the API needed changing.  I'm sticking to the current one.  I'm
> thinking of changing it again for kde4, but they will be far less
> invasive.

Just to stand up for Charles here:  Throughout the whole Noatun 2 playlist 
rewrite, I gave nothing but positive comments and encouragement.  I 
thought then, and still think now, that the basic design of Playlist now 
is superior.

Yes, you probably saw me saying I was having trouble porting Tron.  Yes, 
that turned out to be difficult.  So difficult in fact, that I ditched the 
whole Tron backend.  That doesn't mean the new way is inferior at all, 
though.  I'm doing fine with Hayes.

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