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Sat Mar 1 08:52:27 GMT 2003


On Freitag Februar 28 2003 20:13, Piotr Szymanski wrote:
> Charles Samuels (Friday 28 of February 2003 20:01)
> > Someone uses it? :)
> > I wrote it, and don't use it...
> I use noatun and never knew it had an equalizer.

Shame on you ;)

> I am the only noatuun user in PLD dev team and it kind of loses to
> kmplayer. Sure would like noatun to have new features, but I dont know

kmplayer and noatun are totally different IMO, they serve a different purpose 
(full featured desktop mediaplayer vs. embedded videoplayer). It's a bit like 
comparing noatun and kaboodle.

> where to write. Who is noatuns maintainer anyway?

You just replied to one of his mails ;)
And to enlighten you some more, I'm the one working on that freaky KJöfol 
skinloader :)

Bye, Stefan aka mETz
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