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> honestly, i don't see the problem with enabling KAutoConfig to associate a
> map of values with the entries in a multi-entry widget. this would be a
> couple lines of code for the developer (basically codifying that mapping)
> and would ensure maximum flexibility in UI reorg later on. the fact that
> it's nicer to the config files would just be a bonus.

Yah, I will be looking into adding this feature once I finish my current 

Geiseri also gave me the idea of having a comment mode where if KAutoConfig 
saw the entry CommentConfig == true it would spit out all of the WhatsThis to 
the config as comments.  A easy simple way to get config documentation that 
is actually up to date.  What do you think?

On a different topic I personally think WhatsThis is a waste of space in its 
current form.  The user needs some sort of intication (Like designers little 
circle numbers for tab order on widgets!) of what _has_ a WhatsThis sense 
most things don't.  After clicking on two or three things and finding they 
have no info most users never use it again.

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