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On Monday 30 June 2003 11:26 am, Benjamin Meyer wrote:
> > > Probably the simplest answer would be to change the propertyMap for
> > > that app so that the kautoconfig uses the text() rather then the
> > > value() for that combobox.  then simply call i18n() when reading in the
> > > config and be done with it.  Then you keep the user friendly config.
> >
> > Is it possible to do?  I cannot find current text as a settable property
> > in the combo box?  Can we add it in a safe manner?  If so we should try
> > to do the same for the listview and listbox, as those too suffer this
> > same problem.
> Sure, I wasn't being serious about doing it though.  If the point is to
> make it easier for people to read the configs rather then making sure all
> of the config's entries are user friendly I lean much more to the
> installing of a default config file (that might even have comments woho!).
Well I tend to look at this from the view of the end user, they want to be 
able to configure the app... now if we want to force them to use the text 
editor, fine, lets go that route, but if they want to use a sane consistent 
GUI, then imho KAutoconfig is the best solution i have seen yet.

> Just fyi qcombo has:
> Q_PROPERTY( QString currentText READ currentText WRITE setCurrentText
> DESIGNABLE false )
Oh i didnt notice that one burried in there!  Cool... i guess that solves the 
combo box issues, then.  I was more asking for KDCOPWidgetProxy than for 
Kautoconfig, but if we think this is the best approach for both let go that 
route and keep as many people happy as possible.

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