Problems when printing symbol fonts (qt-related)

Michael Goffioul goffioul at
Mon Jun 30 08:31:19 BST 2003

> OK, and this is where I need help. I checked the QT code (qpsprinter.cpp and
> friends) of QT 3.1.x and found some problems. When I compare QT 3.1.x with QT
> 3.2 beta2 I see some changes (improvements I hope). I would like to compile
> the QT beta code (with debug support turned on) and test it with a KDE app.
> Is it possible to do this for KDE 3.1.2 (I do not like to compile KDE 3.2)?
> Do I need to apply any patches to the QT source? Sorry, but without these
> tests a bug report to Trolltech makes little sense.

If Qt-3.2 is backward-compatible (not sure), then you can try to
compile Qt-3.2, and run your KDE app, making sure you're using the
newly compiled libraries.

> 1. A current KDE installation cannot print Symbol fonts (but OpenOffice can)

If font embedding is on, and the symbol font still doesn't show up
in the printout, then you might consider reporting a bug to TT with
the font you're using.

> 2. If QT font embedding is turned off, gs crashes (maybe qt produces invalid
> ps). By the way: when gs crashes the user gets no error message (and no
> printout).

I hope that with cups-1.2, print notification will be much better.
For the moment, you should be able to see the job status in the
job viewer.


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