Kicker uglyness

Melchior FRANZ a8603365 at
Sun Jun 29 19:08:28 BST 2003

* Waldo Bastian -- Sunday 29 June 2003 18:53:
> I'm still running Qt 3.1.1 though, so that can't be it.

OK, Qt isn't the culprit. As I've already mentioned, this does
happen on the toolbar (while I did actually not see it on kicker).
And it does even happen if I set a toolbar to "Text only".
So, what calculates the height of action items on a toolbar/kicker?
There were no commits in ktoolbar.*. I checked all suspicious
commits in the concerned timeframe (must have happened between
2003/06/21 and 2003/06/23, inclusive). Didn't find anything. :-(


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