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Fri Jun 27 02:44:40 BST 2003

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Here's another patch for the admin dir for OSX.

What it does:
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- - renames the funky OSX environ bit to an AH_VERBATIM
- - adds Sam Magnuson's --enable-mac bits for using Qt/Mac
~  (the code for the rest of KDE to handle that properly is still
~  being worked on)
- - adds LIB_XRENDER to the list of things $kde_use_qt_emb (and
~  $kde_use_qt_mac) nullifies since it can be found even if you
~  didn't want to link against it
- - adds a define for apple's nonstandard pam/pam_appl.h because
~  of conflicts with the osx "Security" framework on
~  case-insensitive filesystems (most mac systems)
- - adds a case to find the apple-provided JDK and link against
~  the JavaVM framework

Comments are welcome, the pam thing is a bit ugly, if you know of a
better way to handle it gracefully, I'm all ears.  Other than that most
of this should be pretty straightforward.

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