KConfig Bug?

Benjamin Meyer ben at meyerhome.net
Thu Jun 26 21:54:33 BST 2003

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On Thursday 26 June 2003 4:42 pm, Benjamin Meyer wrote:
> > If the application wants to fallback to a given default, it should use
> > that default as the 2nd param of readEntry.
> > The global config file is only the initial configuration (set by the
> > administrator), not something you can go back to later.
> Set the local key the same as global and poof you can :)  course you can't
> tell what keys have global defaults and what don't.

Actually this brings up an interesting problem.  Image at company foo the 
admin set up a bunch of default config's for applications.  Goto the company 
website, use xyz for mail, etc.  Now user Jane in playing around does 
somthing which causes deleteEntry() to be called (The original programer 
never in a million years thought someone would want to not use _his_ default 
and so didn't use the revertEntry() :).  Now the next time Jane starts the 
application it doesn't goto her company website.  She tries hitting the 
default button, but her company "default" doesn't come back.  She is 
frustrated, calls IT.  They come down and manually add the company webpage 
back in (which of course causes the deletion the local config entry sense it 
is now the same as the global one hehe).  Three days later...

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