Serious KProcess Flaws

Charles Samuels charles at
Thu Jun 26 21:05:45 BST 2003

I found an extremely serious bug in KProcess.  If one wants to use a waitpid 
themselves, they'll find that KProcessController randomly will waitpid(-1, 
...).  This happens in KProcessController::delayedChildrenCleanup().

I don't really understand the rationale for that function, so don't know how 
to fix it.  Please advise!

Also, near the end of KProcessController::theSigCHLDHandler(int arg), 
waitpid(-1, ...) happens, on the condition that there is no 
KProcessController.  Why is KProcessController so arrogant as to think that 
it should 1) be the only SIGCHLD handler, and 2) insist that all children be 
started with KProcess?


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