"International Domain Names" support in KDE

Thiago Macieira thiagom at wanadoo.fr
Thu Jun 26 11:03:20 BST 2003

Marc Mutz wrote:
>This doesn't make sense. They can just as well link against libidn.
>That's what LGPL is all about, isn't it? And they probably should,
>since it's hopefully going to be the std on Linux until gliibc supports
>it directly.

I wasn't planning to link against the library. I was planning on importing the 
code so that support is present everywhere, regardless of system libraries 
supporting it or not.

>They can't reuse the QString tables, since they are subject to updating
>to Unicode 4.0 eventually. IDNA (nameprep) instead directly references
>the Unicode 3.2 tables and _nothing_ else. Using 3.0 (as Qt currently
>seems to be doing) as well as 4.0 tables would result in

That much is true. But that doesn't mean some of the code or data can't be 
reused, if it helps reducing the memory footprint. There's also the 
converting side of the story: even though both sides are Unicode, Qt 
currently stores data as UTF-16 while libidn uses UCS-4, which means that we 
must do Unicode-to-Unicode conversion and then back.

Anyways, this won't be my call. The code I've written for Qt is currently 
using libidn, but it'll be up to TrollTech to decide if they will use it or 
if they'll integrate their own support -- to match their other platforms.

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