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Thu Jun 26 00:37:47 BST 2003

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On Wednesday 25 June 2003 01:13, Andras Mantia wrote:
> > perhaps the system tray should check to see if panel applets are faded
> > out and if so show the frame?
> Actually I don't mind the missing frames in other places (were they
> present? I don't remember), but for System Tray it get's confusing. E.g.
> the Klipper icon is _NOT_ on the tray, but you can't tell this. Of course
> turning on the Fade out applet handles solves the problem somewhat. But if
> the applet handles are not shown (and we have an option to not show them)
> you(I) have the problem.

this is why so many developers are against configurability: it makes it that 
much harder to get sane behaviour in all possible states. personally, i'm all 
for trying to get reasonable behaviour in as many states as is, uh, 

> I'm happy also with the solution that the System  
> Tray detects the applet handle state, and shows the frame if they are
> hidden.

ok... coming to a CVS near you soon!

> Or the System Tray may have the frame always on. Does it disturb 
> somebody?

no, people just like to make random changes ;-)

but seriously, yes, it was intentional.

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