KConfig Bug?

Benjamin Meyer ben at meyerhome.net
Wed Jun 25 23:05:25 BST 2003

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When I call KConfigBase::deleteEntry("foo") and entry foo exists in my global 
config a "foo[$d]" is created in the local config and from then on when I 
call readEntry("foo") it doesn't see the global config.  Now if I change my 
deleteEntry("foo") to deleteEntry("foo", false, true) the local config foo 
line is removed entirely and the global config shows up by default on the 
next readEntry.  Now here is the confusing part: the deleteEntry API doc 
states that the second bool statement:

void KConfigBase::deleteEntry ( 
const QString &   pKey, 
bool bNLS = false, 
bool bGlobal = false
 If bGlobal is true, the pair is not removed from the application specific 
config file, but to the global KDE config file. 

But it seems to be doing the opposite.  When false (by default) it will add 
the [$d] thus disabling the global entry and when true it removes the line 
entirely thus keeping the global entry.  Is this a bug?  After wading through 
KConfig the last few hours this is the best I can tell.  If so who do I 
report it too?

- -Benjamin Meyer
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