introducing brockenboring

Stephan Kulow coolo at
Wed Jun 25 16:19:32 BST 2003


Currently our kdeinit support in the Makefiles lack
as the kdeinit modules are installed in parallel to
a binary linking against these modules. This has
some drawbacks:

1. glibc's ldconfig doesn't cache DSOs that don't 
  match the lib*.so* pattern, so starting konqueror
  won't be able to use the cache to find
2. (more important) this doesn't work at all on non-ELF
  systems (have you asked who the hell is using non-ELF
  these days? Mac OS X does)

Benjamin Reed once tried to get am_edit to create a
shared library per KLM and then link both the KLM and 
the binary to it. As he failed, he tried the same for unsermake.
Problem with unsermake is: automake users will fall behind
without kdeinit support at all.

So we made a short brain storm session today and came up
with the following idea: install a kdeinit module only and create
in bin a link to a binary that will be kdeinit without kdeinit:
"one binary to rule them all".

So here is the patch to do exactly that: introducing brockenboring

Greetings, Stephan
P.S. DSO == dynamic shared object, 
       KLM == kdeinit loaded module
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