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Aaron J. Seigo aseigo at
Wed Jun 25 05:32:04 BST 2003

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On Tuesday 24 June 2003 10:09, Sven Leiber wrote:
> > i've committed fixes for this now, thanks for noticing it and actually
> > doing something about it... however, i would echo Stephan Binner's
> > concerns that the diffs look pretty substantial for what should be some
> > rather trivial changes... what version of Qt Designer and KDE are you
> > using?
> I have fixed it in my version. In the new patches this will never come
> again.   :)
> It was KDE cvs-23.06.2003  QT snapshot 3.2.0-24.06.2003

cool.. and thanks again for this janitorial type work on this... it's really 
important and often overlooked, if only because there is so much to do and 
it's often seen as "trivial details" =)

are you doing this to "cut your teeth" on KDE coding with the plan to move to 
more complex stuff? would you like (or do you even need) some suggestions for 
other janitorial type work? i ask because there are several such things that 
are pretty much just details but require various degrees of knowledge and 
skill to do... just in case you don't already have a million item long TODO 
like the rest of us ;-)

anyways.. thanks again... and congrats on your new CVS account! see you on the 
mailing lists and happy hacking =)

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