Scott Wheeler wheeler at kde.org
Mon Jun 23 11:48:05 BST 2003

First, take a look at what's there -- that's never a bad start. 
Other than that the only thing that I can think of is to check to make sure 
that anything that you put in works with GCC 2.95 and 3.x; specifically the 
export keyword doesn't work in 2.95 and 3.x complains about some things that 
2.95 doesn't.  (I like using the .tcc file extensions for template classes, 
but that's personal convention that there's only one instance of in kdelibs.) 
Quoting Benjamin Meyer <ben at meyerhome.net>: 
> Hash: SHA1 
> Just curius, but are there any rules on templates for classes in kdelibs? 
> - -Benjamin Meyer 

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