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Sven Leiber s.leiber at
Sun Jun 22 17:35:43 BST 2003

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Here is the first version of the patch to splitt the "Create New" directory. I 
have made the two versions of the menu I told in the last mail.
So, if dfaure and all other think this patch(es) are ok. David Faure can you 
than commit it for me?

It only changes the "Create New" menu in the desktop at the moment. I think if 
somebody ont he can use it in konqueror, too. For the new layout I have added 
a new constructor, so I hope it don't crash other programms that are not 
using the new layout. If nobody is there to integrate that in the konqueror I 
can try to implement it there, too.   :)


PS: I hope it work, all the patch and the code.   :)
PS1: I hope many people like this patch   :)
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