Use of KMessageBox::warningYesNo for continue/cancel questions.

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Fri Jun 20 18:39:24 BST 2003

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On Friday 20 June 2003 10:53, Waldo Bastian wrote:
> You mention KMail but KMail uses warnngYesNoCancel to confirm sending. It
> will surely not be affected by a change in  warningContinueCancel's
> behaviour.

true... but this makes warningContinueCancel different from warningYesNoCancel 
due to the difference between "Continue" and "YesNo" when the real issue is 
the severity (e.g. warning) of the dialog...

more to the point, i just grep'd KDE CVS for warningContinueCancel usage and 
found 224 instances. not all seem to be guarding "dangerous" or inconvenient 
actions, though most/all are warnings of some sort. i'm concerned about 
simply changing the semantics of an existing dialog like that, since it does 
impact pretty heavily how the user interacts with the dialog...

> Konqueror should use warningContinueCancel in the cases that you changed,
> and if that doesn't give the desired result then warningContinueCancel
> should be adjusted.

hrm... as per our recent IRC chat, how about the attached patch? this would 
allow the application to tell KMessageBox if the action is "dangerous" and 
should therefore be protected by safer defaults, allow applications to use 
the "proper" KMessageBox variants, and not alter the current default 
behaviour nor add any new methods to KMessageBox... 

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