Trouble with gzipped files

Lubos Lunak l.lunak at
Fri Jun 20 17:13:21 BST 2003


 mimetypes wizard needed. Say that I have a couple of .ps.gz files, and when 
browsing them in Konqueror, I want to view them in KGhostview (this is 
actually from a user posting at a local newsgroup). And since KGhostview can 
handle .ps.gz files itself, let's extend this also to wanting to view txt.gz 
files normally in KWrite or something that can't do this. Given that I can 
normally browse and handle files in compressed tar archives, this all seems 

 First, for completeness, let's mention Ark. Some people may like it, but I'm 
among those that don't, and disable all its associations. Browsing directly 
in Konqy's standard iconview feels a lot better, not to mention things like 
doubleclicking a file actually does something, and viewing a HTML file loads 
the KHTML part.

 But the tar:/ kioslave doesn't handle single gzipped files. However, there's 
gzip:/ , and things like kwrite file:/home/llunak/docs/xsmp.PS.gz#gzip:/ 
work. Two questions:
- why I don't get this gzip:/ protocol, even though I have nothing associated 
with *.gz ?
- after it's enabled, could somebody fix ;) the subtle details like the 'do 
you with to open this file dialog?' after clicking on a .ps.gz file, or 
embedded kghostview not being able to handle such URL ?

 Second part: Since KGhostview can handle ps.gz itself, I could try to add 
*.ps.gz to as extension to the application/postscript mimetype. Now, after 
clicking on a .ps.gz file, I get KGhostview ... and KGhostview error. 
KGhostview uses "KFilterDev::deviceForFile( _fileName, _mimetype )" with 
_mimetype being "application/ghostscript", and that's the problem. The .ps.gz 
file is no longer considered gzip file, so this call will be basically a 

  Either I assign *.ps.gz to application/ghostscript, in which case the right 
app is started for the file, but won't be able to handle the file, or I don't 
do this association, in which case the app can handle the file, but won't be 
started. Even if KGhostview didn't explicitly pass the mimetype, KIO would 
still find it out itself. Any magical solution?

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