KDE and non-KDE apps

Craig Drummond Craig.Drummond at gmx.net
Thu Jun 19 16:03:52 BST 2003

> > In the colors KControl module there's the option to "Apply colors to non
> > KDE apps". Is there any reason why someone would *not* want this to
> > happen? (Basically I'm thinking about remving the option and always
> > setting the colours - and renaming the .gtkrc-kde file to
> > $kdehome/share/config/gtkrc   (one less hidden file in my home dir!))
> Yes. KDE shoudln't forcibly change user configurations without a way to 
> turn that off.  That setting has been known to make some apps unusable.

Ok fair point - that's why I asked. Which apps does it affect BTW? The gtkrc
stuff only seems to set colours, so I don't see how it could hurt an app
that much.
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