KDE and non-KDE apps

Craig Drummond Craig.Drummond at gmx.net
Thu Jun 19 16:02:33 BST 2003

> I do not believe we should endorse Geramik in any shape or form.
> It is not a true match, and last I checked, it performed awfully.

I assume you mean slowly? Well it is a pixmap theme...

> Sorry to be so blunt, but as  the Keramik maintainer, I would certainly 
> object to such a change to keramik's themerc. Because frankly, I don't
> think it's appropriate behavior if the default KDE settings cause Gtk apps
> to run quite slowly. 

Well then Keramik would not need to have the "Gtk=Geramik" that way it won't
be used (it was just an example after all) . But surely for native Gtk
themes (i.e non pixmap ones) such as Bluecurve, it would make it easier for the
user to change his/her desktop.


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