KDE and non-KDE apps

Craig Drummond Craig.Drummond at gmx.net
Thu Jun 19 15:42:03 BST 2003


In the colors KControl module there's the option to "Apply colors to non KDE
apps". Is there any reason why someone would *not* want this to happen?
(Basically I'm thinking about remving the option and always setting the colours -
and renaming the .gtkrc-kde file to $kdehome/share/config/gtkrc   (one less
hidden file in my home dir!))

Another point: As there's now a few KDE styles with matching GTK
counterparts (Keramik/Geramik, Blue/Free/QtCurve, Mandrake Galaxy), I'd like to modify
krdb to also set the GTK style (as well as colours). My idea is that KDE
should set the GTK_RC_FILES and GTK2_RC_FILES to point to KDE's gtkrc files, and
then have these include the gtkrc file for the Gtk style. To match a KDE style
with a GTK style, the style's .themerc file should indicate which Gtk and
Gtk2 styles it matches with. e.g.




(If there is no GtkStyle, then it should default to WidgetStyle)

All krdb now has to do is write a $kdehome/share/config/gtkrc with the line:
    include "/usr/share/themes/Geramik/gtk/gtkrc"

...if "/usr/share/themes/Geramik/gtk/gtkrc" does not exist, no harm is done
as the GTK_RC_FILES would still point to "/etc/gtkrc:$HOME/.gtkrc"

Does this sound OK? I've already hacked the code, and it seems to work. (The
gtk install dir is discovered via pkg-config / gtk-config - and defaults to


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