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David Faure dfaure at
Mon Jun 16 00:14:47 BST 2003

On Sunday 15 June 2003 18:45, Scott Wheeler wrote:
> Basically it seems like this is what QWidget::setKeyCompression() is for:
> void QWidget::setKeyCompression ( bool compress ) [virtual protected]
> [...]
> If you turn it on and your program doesn't keep up with key input, Qt may try
> to compress key events so that more than one character can be processed in
> each event.
> For example, a word processor widget might receive 2, 3 or more characters in
> each QKeyEvent::text(), if the layout recalculation takes too long for the
> CPU.
> [...]
> -Scott

Note that last line - this is about compressing characters into ::text().
I don't think this helps at all, for the case of keeping the "arrow down"
key pressed for a while. Nothing to compress there (in terms of putting
QChars into a QString).

IMHO the best way is to simply listen to keyRelease events - you want
the preview to update when releasing the key_down key, no?

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