Followup to my smoothscaling post

Mosfet dan.duley at
Sat Jun 14 07:44:40 BST 2003

I was able to find an instance where using averaging blocks provided worse 
results: The text in a screenshot doesn't look as nice... This doesn't apply 
to all images, it depends on where the text falls on a block... Nonetheless 
it seems fine on all my photos, drawings, and icons - even ones with drawn 
text and logos.  

In my application I'm going to use it for thumbnail generation and the small 
image preview window in the PixiePlus browser. For the main image view I'll 
use Qt's smoothscale. I now consider it an "in-between" method. Faster than 
Qt::smoothScale() with better results than just skipping pixels.

BTW, as usual CC me if you want me to see a reply ;-)

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