FYI: fixx11h.h (Fwd: kdelibs/kdecore)

Lubos Lunak l.lunak at
Tue Jun 10 12:39:55 BST 2003

 FYI: I changed kdecore to install fixx11h.h, as it has been in use in few 
places in kdebase for some time and nobody complained, which hopefully meants 
it works fine for everybody. So, next time you have another problem with X11 
headers, just do as the quoted part from the file below says, instead of 
reshuffling the sources order in or #undef-ining something:

 If you get compile errors caused by X11 includes (the line
 where first error appears contains word like None, Unsorted,
 Below, etc.), put #include <fixx11h.h> in the .cpp file
 (not .h file!) between the place where X11 headers are
 included and the place where the file with compile
 error is included (or the place where the compile error
 in the .cpp file occurs).

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Subject: kdelibs/kdecore
Date: Tuesday 10 of June 2003 13:26
From: Luboš Luňák <l.lunak at>
To: kde-cvs at

CVS commit by lunakl:

Install fixx11h.h .

  M +2 -2   1.332

--- kdelibs/kdecore/  #1.331:1.332
@@ -54,5 +54,5 @@
         kcalendarsystem.h kcalendarsystemfactory.h kmacroexpander.h \
         kmanagerselection.h kmountpoint.h \
-        kidna.h ktempdir.h kshell.h
+        kidna.h ktempdir.h kshell.h fixx11h.h

 libkdefakes_la_SOURCES = fakes.c vsnprintf.c


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