Reports from Brazilian Open Software Conference 2003 (long)

Roberto Teixeira maragato at
Mon Jun 9 21:51:22 BST 2003

Am 3568 September 1993, Aviram Alkalay schreibt:
> At a corporate level, here at IBM we are talking about a global desktop 
> support offering, but it is mostly based on Ximian (read Gnome).

That's sad to hear.

> To let us say we globally "support a Linux Desktop", we need somebody to 
> give us 3rd level support, somebody to call when a customer have a problem 
> and a commitment that there is somebody to look and fix the bug. We (or a 
> customer) can't depend on the kde-devel mailing list.
>>>From this perspective, Ximian represents a corporate endpoint for it, with 
> solutions like red-carpet, etc. We can also sign a support contract with 
> them.

And unfortunately, that's something we can't do much about :-(

On the other hand, this corporate endpoint could be represented by a
major distribution. I do think distributions might accept this role
if it is interesting ($$$) for them. Sure they won't have the level
of control over KDE that Ximian has over GNOME, but then again it
won't be necessary. KDE developers have long committed themselves to
do what is best for the project, and I am sure no developer would
refuse to accept bug fixes from a distribution (provided the bug fix
is actual good code and doesn't break anything else).

But sadly there really isn't much the project can do by itself,
except welcoming any corporate /help/ that may come someday.



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