Signal in KNotify : DCop problems

Olivier Goffart ogoffart at
Sun Jun 8 19:48:46 BST 2003

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I already posted this mail on kde-devel at , but i get no answer, so i 
re-ask here.

I would like to add the possibility to click on the passive-popup or to add a
button in the messagebox from KNotify  (It has already been discussed before:

Something like KNotifyClient::event (const QString &message, const QString
&text , const KGuilItem &actionText, QObject * , const char *slot) would be
there are numerous example: in KMail, the clicking on a "View Message" in the
new mail notify messagebox show the mail. Or in Kopete, clicking on the
passivepopup showed when an user goes online open a chat with this user.

I already did a code which show a passivepopup with a link, and that works
fine. There are no problem at the ui level. The problem is that KNotify use
DCop, and i don't see how i can handle the signal with it, and fire the QT
signal passed as argument.

My first question is why does KNotify use DCop? I heard it is because we
 don't want to load artslib in every application. then, why not doing a
 deamon, accessible via dcop, which handle only the sound-playing. and all
 the other code is left in KNotifyClient (the passive-popup, the messagebox,
 and all other visual stuff) in this way, we can use the signal.

Or maybe it is possible to link a dcop-signal with a qt signal. but it would
be hard i think.

I'm waiting for feedback, and sorry for my bad english.

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